13 May 2014

"Then cometh Jesus from Galilee to Jordan unto John, to be baptized of him." (Matthew 3:13)

Throughout the life and ministry of Jesus Christ we find that He always did things with purpose. There are no random actions in His life nor was there ever a time when Jesus did something without a reason. Even at the age of 12, He told Mary and Joseph that He “must be about His Father’s business.”

We find the same direction and purpose displayed at the start of His earthly, public ministry. Jesus did not go to Jordan because it was the popular thing to do. He did not go to John because he wanted to go along with the crowd. He did not go out into the wilderness “exploring” to find out what He might learn and believe. Jesus was not going to a seminar to “find Himself.” Jesus went to John with purpose.

Jesus went to be baptized.

Even when John first refused, Jesus intended to be baptized and nothing was going to get in His way.

As followers of Christ, we should imitate Christ and that includes living our lives with understanding and purpose. Daily study of the word of God accompanied with prayer is the only way we can truly understand our purpose and direction in God’s kingdom.

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