The Life of Jesus Christ
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1 Introduction

1:1-4 Four Part Harmony

Why Four Gospels?

Matthew's Gospel

Mark's Gospel

Luke's Gospel

John's Gospel
Four Part Harmony - Part 1

Four Part Harmony - Part 2
2 The Eternal Son of God

1:1-18 Jesus Is The Eternal God

The Witness

Life & Light

Ignorant Darkness

He Giveth Power

Grace For Grace

That’s Jesus
A Tale of Two Cousins - Part 1

A Tale of Two Cousins - Part 2
3 The Birth of John the Baptist Foretold

1:5-25 Bad Things Happen To Good People

Thy Prayer Is Heard

Old Time Religion

Doubting Words

A Thankful Parent
God Hears (Even When We Can’t) - Part 1

God Hears (Even When We Can’t) - Part 2
4 The Birth of Jesus Foretold

1:26-38 Gabriel Visits Mary

The King Is Coming!

Mary Knows Biology

Can I Get An Amen?
Gabriel Visits Mary
5 Mary Visits Elisabeth

1:37-45 Amen, Let's Go!


Mother of Whom?

The Blessing of Belief
Mary Believes - Part 1

Mary Believes - Part 2
6 Mary's Song

1:46-55 Magnificent Rejoicing

So, Why Is Mary So Happy?

Which Came First, Fear Or Mercy?

"I Did It My Way" - God

The Promise To Abraham Fulfilled
Mary's Song - Part 1

Mary's Song - Part 2
7 The Birth of John the Baptist

1:56-66 It's a Boy!

What Is His Name?

The Word Is Multiplied

God Willing
It's a Boy!
8 The Song of Zacharias

1:67-80 I Love MY Savior

A Covenant Keeping God

Living in Liberty

The First Baptist Preacher
The Song of Zacharias - Part 1

The Song of Zacharias - Part 2
9 Two Family Trees

1:1-17 3:23-38 Did Joseph have two fathers?

The Seed of Abraham

The Son and Savior of Man

Great Ancestors

Knots In Jesus' Family Tree
Knots in Jesus' Family Tree - Part 1

Knots in Jesus' Family Tree - Part 2
10 The Birth of Jesus

1:18-25 2:1-7 It Wasn't His Child

Providence vs. Taxes

Pop Quiz


Jesus Rejected

The Dawn of Redeeming Grace
The Birth of Jesus - Part 1

The Birth of Jesus - Part 2
11 The Shepherds

2:8-20 Mega Fear

Mega Joy

The Gospel Message

Wow, what a sound!

From Great Fear To Great Joy - Part 1

From Great Fear To Great Joy - Part 2
12 The Presentation in the Temple

2:21-40 Doves and Pigeons

First Day Back To Church

Grandpa Simeon

Grandma Anna

The Dedication
The Dedication of Jesus
13 The Wismen

2:1-12 King Herod

The Star

The Wise Men

The Gifts

The Outsiders
The Wise Men Visit Jesus - Part 1

The Wise Men Visit Jesus - Part 2
14 The Flight into Egypt

2:13-23 2:40 The Flight Into Egypt

The Slaughter Of The Children

The Spirit Of Herod

Back Home To Nazareth
The Flight To Egypt - Part 1

The Flight To Egypt - Part 2
15 Jesus in the Temple

2:40-52 Count-Off!

Age of Accountability?

Beside Themselves

My Father's Business

Can God Learn?

I Must
I Must - Part 1

I Must - Part 2
16 The Voice in The Wilderness

3:1-12 1:1-8 3:1-17 1:19-31 Prepare the Way

Into, At, or Nearby


The Message of John the Baptist

Redeemer & Judge

Kinsman Redeemer
A Voice in the Wilderness
17 The Baptism of Jesus

3:3-17 1:9-11 3:21-22 1:32-34 Purpose

Why should I be baptized?

Baptize then...

The Holy Spirit Descends
The Baptism of Jesus
18 The Temptation

4:1-11 1:12-13 4:1-13 Trust


Seek Ye First

Don't Tempt God

God Alone

A Little Rest
The Temptations in the Wilderness
19 The First Disciples of Jesus

1:35-51 What Are You Waiting For?

What Seek Ye?

Come and See

Tell It To Me Straight
Come and See
20 The Marriage in Cana of Galilee

2:1-11 The Wedding Miracle

Who Saw The Miracle?


The First Recorded Miracle
The Marriage in Cana of Galilee
21 The First Cleansing of the Temple

2:12-25 The Jews' Passover

Can I Buy You A Cup Of Coffee?

Are You Ready To Worship?

What Is Jesus Like?
The First Cleansing of the Temple
22 A Conversation With Nicodemus

3:1-10 We Know

Water & Spirit

Who Is In Control?

Cause and Effect
Ye Must Be Born Again
23 The Rebuke of Nicodemus

3:11-21 The Ultimate Rebuke

Still On The Fence?

Shock and Awe

The Descending God

The Son Must Be Lifted Up

Who Looked At The Snake?

The Most Famous Verse

Come To The Light
It's Not About You!
24 The Ministries of Jesus and John

3:22-36 Are You A Success?

Are You A Biblical Scholar?

Are You Humble?

He Must Increase

The Power of Belief

What Does Belief Look Like?

Who's The Best Preacher?
He Must Increase
25 The Samaritan Woman at the Well

4:1-30 Why Did Jesus Leave Judea?

Petty Differences=Petty Religion

Living Water

Jesus Knows All

Spirit and Truth
The Samaritan Woman
26 White Unto Harvest

4:31-42 Life for and from Devotion

White Unto Harvest

All in God's Time

White Unto Harvest
27 The Healing of the Nobleman's Son

4:43-54 The Extraordinary Power of Jesus

No Limits!

Is God Limited By Our Lack of Faith?

Faith And Testimony
No Limits!
28 The Rejected Prophet

4:14-32 Bible Study

The Good NEWS

The Acceptable Year of the Lord

This Day

The Religious Leaders Doubt, As Usual

2 Rejects
The Rejected Prophet
29 The Kingdom of Heaven Is At Hand

4:12-17 1:14-15 The Light Sprung Up!

The Kingdoms in Daniel

The Everlasting Kingdom"

At Hand
The Kingdom of Heaven Is At Hand
30 The Call Of The Four Fishers of Men

4:18-22 1:16-20 5:1-11 The People Pressed To Hear Him

Faith Mixed With Doubt

Astonished By Jesus

Forsaking All
Astonished By Jesus
31 The Power Of Jesus Over All Things

8:14-17 1:21-33 4:31-41 Unclean Spirits

God Hates Sickness

Should Our Preachers Be Married?
Jesus' Power Over All Things
32 1The First Tour of Galilee

4:23-25 1:35-39 4:42-44 The Galilean Ministry

Your Galilean Ministry

Church Is Something You Do

Church Is Who You Are
Your Galilean Ministry

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